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Whats new with My Site?

5/12/01 well, this whole site is new.

12/12/01 Moved the Sticky Amoeba plans to Pictures2 Page so they will load faster.

01/10/02 I soled in a cessna 150!

01/26/02 Added two pics of my 5 gram p-bird to the pictures page

5/11/02 added plans for another embryo. Go to pictures2 page. It is below the sticky amoeba plans.

12/11/04 Wow! It's been a long time! I've updated the front page, added a few pictures, completely revamped the Photos2 Page (sorry, the Sticky Amoeba went away), updated the about page, etc. Hopefully I can keep this thing more current these days...

01/17/05 separated the indoor and outdoor planes onto two pages and added a few photos. Re-named the different pages to make things flow better and added a couple of links.

04/12/05 Added the Scale Modeling section and put a few pics in there. Added a few pics elsewhere. Mentioned my first 10+ minute flight from a month ago. Yea! now we're talking!

I also added a few links and did some other minor stuff. AND ALSO THAT CONTEST ANNOUCEMENT on the front page!!!

07/02/05 Updated most of the pages. You'll note that at the Raeford contest that I managed to get 1st in embryo and 3rd in modern production. I also entered WWII mass launch and Dimescale, but had rather poor showings in both events. Next year I'll be better prepared and have more models to enter. Scale is getting to be more fun for me!

10/11/06 Changed out some of the ancient photos here for new ones. I didn't get much done because errors kept occuring. What I did do is isolated to the top of the Outdoor and Indoor pages and of course the front page. Will do more later.

10/11/06 Got a bunch more changed. The Outdoor and Indoor pages have completely new stuff on them and are now easier to view. That may scare you when you look at the indoor page, since its still a mess. Freeservers is really wierd. The Maxout page is updated as well. I'll deal with the scale page later...

 10/09/07 changed photos on the front page and made much-needed updates to the Scale page.