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Here are a few of my scale models. I don't build many of these since they are pretty complicated and hard to fly. I build to the Flying Aces Club rules, the most popular flying scale rules in the US. Mine are by no means really good models. Some folks build such detailed models it's hard to believe they aren't the real thing, and they fly so well!

The Chambers R-1 'Chambermaid' is one of the best scale subjects out there. This one was built from Bill Henn's excellent plans and is used for the FAC Greve Trophy mass launch. It easily won Combined Racers at the fall 2007 Kudzu meet with a final flight in excess of 2 minutes.
F-4U Corsair
This Corsair was built from the Herr laser-cut kit. I lightened it significantly and added a lot of dihedral. The result is a very stable aircraft, though the flights are a little short at the moment (40-50 seconds). It looks very nice in the air.
Waco SRE

This Waco is Pistachio Scale (8" wingspan), the smallest scale class. It weighs 2 grams without its motor, and flies 40-50 seconds indoors

Peanut P-51 Mustang

This one's build from the Peck Polymers kit. It came out a little heavy at 12 grams, but flew quite nicely, with flights of 50 seconds or more in calm air. Unfortunately it met its demise in an aquaculture pond at Clemson.

Found 100 Centennial

This model was built from an enlarged Walt Mooney pnut plan. It flies quite nicely, though there is a slight tendency to spiral in under full power. When it's behaving, flights of 100 seconds are easily achieved.

Peanut Scale Goon

This Goon is built from the Aronstein plans and is a tremedous flier, easily flying for 100+ seconds outdoors in calm air. It is very light, and hence very fragile, so can't be used in strong wings.

Albatross D.III

My Albatross D.III was build from an enlarged pnut plan. It has a temendous climb and has one contest win to its credit. Unforunately, it's showing a lot of battle scars and is overdue for replacement. For the moment, it's still pretty competitive, though, and has a great affection for chewing up the tails of British biplanes!