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Welcome to outdoor freeflight!
These are the most common freeflight planes you will see. Most of them are tough and rugged, but can fly really well. Most of mine are built for endurance (time aloft), but a few are scale, i.e., models of real aircraft.

The scene at my flying field. There's a Goon Racer being wound on the stooge.

P-30 mass launch. Mine is the only one still in the camera frame.

This is what it's all about! My P-30 clawing for the stratosphere.

Silent simplicity...a MayDay catapult glider floating along.

My Pelicatoo HLG floating into oblivion. Don't forget to light your DT fuse!

Hi-Ho old rules Wakefield. Notice my damaged Senator in the background following an in-flight disaster.

Ah the simplicity! This is a simple Flooper model.

Senator nostaglia rubber model doing its thing

Mini-Twin sport endurance model

Here's something a little different, a much reduced (16") Strato Streak converted to electric power from a capacitor. Flies a very satisfying 50 sec. Not bad for my first power model!